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Emergency Order, Hyper Rescue Mobilization.


Hyper Rescue Teams of Tokyo Fire Department Marching On to Fukushima Nuclear Plant.


+[Friday, March 18, 2011]

JSDF (Japanese Self-Defence Forces) activate fighter (Fire engine for chemical fire) against nuclear plant.As a result, draining water of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces off achieved the effect.

To lower doses of radiation further, the mobilization of a hyper rescue was decided.

Tokyo Fire Department was forecasting this situation, and the preparation had already been advanced.

Hyper Rescue Teams of Tokyo Fire Department

Japan: Nuclear reactor 'situation stabilising'

Radiation Spread Seen; Frantic Repairs Go On

Departure cooling operation. The elite of Tokyo Fire Department also participates. Execution of draining water off.
発冷却作戦、東京消防庁の精鋭も参加 未明に放水実施

Tokyo Fire Department also goes to the nuclear power plant. Hyper rescue team (139 member) mobilization. Seawater will be drained off with the special-purpose vehicle.
東京消防庁も原発に139人のハイパーレスキュー隊投入 特殊車両で放水へ

+[Saturday, March 19, 2011]

Hyper Rescue Teams (Tokyo Fire Department) attacks the nuclear plant with the fighter (Height refraction water cannon fire engine, Hose extension car, special disaster measures car and several special fire engine).

It succeeded in a consecutive draining sea water during a long time in a dangerous place where the radiation density was high.

Height refraction water cannon fire engine

Demonstration of Height refraction water cannon fire engine

Special disaster measures car

Hose extension car

Large-scale height water cannon fire engine, MORITA MQA2-22, MQA3-27

+[Sunday, March 20, 2011]

The first nuclear power plant in Fukushima:"Fight with enemy who doesn't see it". Three fire fighting commanders have an interview.
福島第1原発:「見えぬ敵との戦い」 消防3隊長が会見

The fire fighting draining water off is convinced of the hit. The commander apologized to member's family by tears with thanks.
消防放水「命中を確信」 涙の隊長、家族に陳謝

Commander Tomioka who has an interview:Fukushima nuclear power plant

Commander Tomioka

The Commander who cries bitterly to accomplishing one's mission, and member safe.
Firemen who confronted difficulty.
They are the man of the man.

Marching On, Freedom Fighter.

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