127 hours Between a Rock and a Hard Place. Therefore, saying "Rock In A Hard Place". Unlimited Physical Strength and Strong Willpower. [cinema]

When you actually encounter severely a scenes, How do you face the actual facts ?

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The Dark Knight DVD will come out at "December 10th, 2008" in Japan, I got a Batman (new suit) Figure near the theater. [cinema]

Why So Serious ?
Cause and Effect my love, I'm waiting for "December 10th, 2008".



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The Dark Knight, The Joker, I saw the real pure evil. Requiescat in Pace, Heath Ledger. [cinema]

The Joker, I deeply knurling in my mind.


The Fiction is a Real. The Real is a Fiction.

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The Dark Knight, Batman and Joker, The Both lives in my mind, and also in your mind. [cinema]

I saw the cinema in a theather at last night.


The Real is a Fiction. The Fiction is a Real.

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Philip Marlowe, Humphrey Bogart v.s. Elliott Gould, The Big Sleep v.s. The Long Goobye [cinema]


Philip Marlowe, Humphrey Bogart v.s. Elliott Gould

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Marie Antoinette, Sofia Coppola, Kirsten Caroline Dunst, and SoundTracks. I Want Candy. [cinema]

「マリー・アントワネット」という題字が、セックス・ピストルズ(Sex Pistols)バリ。

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