Ramble on / Led Zeppelin [hard rock]

"Ramble on" (B-3) of 2nd Studio Album "Led Zeppelin II", This Released at Oct, 1969

Led zeppelin II [vinyl][B].jpg

Led Zeppelin came from London, England.

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タグ:London UK HardRock
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Gary Moore passed away to Out in the Field. Too Young To Die,Too Drunk To Live. Gonna Break My Heart Again, Always Gonna Love You. [hard rock]

Gary Moore passed away in Spain at 6th February 2011
I can imagine, Gary Moore and Phil Lynott got the session at "Out In The Field".


His career over 40 years from "Skid Row" including "Thin Lizzy", "Collosseum II".
I see, He workin' hard, He wanna take a rest little bit.

R.I.P Gary Moore. Age at death 58, dying young.

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AC/DC, 15th New Album "Black Ice". and AC/DC BLACK ICE TOUR ... AC/DC Rock 'N Roll Train bound for Japan, NANANANANOW! AC/DC Rock 'N Roll Train came from Sydney, Australia. [hard rock]

BLACK ICE, .... Come Here ! AC/DC !
Today, AC/DC Rock 'N Roll Train has arrived Japan.

AC_DC,Black Ice [600].jpg

『悪魔の氷』。AC/DC ロックンロール列車、本日、日本、到着。


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ROAD TO RUIN, Road to Ruin, R II R, R2R, The Only One, Hard Rock Project from Sverige, Sweden. [hard rock]

Reproduction Hard Rock.
I can't help falling in remember the Raindow.
I can't help falling in love with you...


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Airbourne, Runnin' Wild, Hard Rock'N'Roll Band come from Australia, again. [hard rock]

Australian band come agein. Terra Australis, Terra Australis Incognita.


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Spiritual Beggars, Another Way to Shine, Mantra III, Ad Astra, On Fire, Demons, Spiritual Beggars "Superbossanova" Discography. Welcome to Hard Rock. [hard rock]

Spiritual Beggars. In other words, it's just "Lonely" ? or They're "a limb of the Devil" ?


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Hughes/Thrall, Glenn Hughes, Pat Thrall, I Got Your Number [hard rock]


The Remastered CD came out at January 29th, 2007.

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UFO, The Monkey Puzzle, Vinnie Moore, Michael Schenker [hard rock]


Inherit the Michael Schenker

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